• What is the exact set of events during the August 2013 celebrations?
    The Golden Jubilee Week celebrations during August 7th to 11th 2013 will include mass and inauguration of the celebrations, batch get-togethers, carnival, sports & games, banquet dinner, Alumni Association GBM, Sister Doctors Forum of India Annual GBM, Golden Jubilee Lecture, Dr Jayashree Thomas Memorial Oration, Professor H.J. Mehta Oration, Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee Block, and the Public Function. For a detailed schedule, go to the Jubilee Events.
  • Who will provide necessary information?
    The website will provide you all the information through regular updates. For more information, you can get in touch with the Golden Jubilee Executive Secretary or the individual batch liaisons.
  • Are all events being held in one place?
    No, the Golden Jubilee Week events are spread across the campus including the College of Nursing auditorium, amphitheatre, main Auditorium, hostel mess & food court, Pope Paul VI auditorium, college lawn area, and new food court.
  • How do I register for the event, and do I have to pay?
    The core committee has finalized the registration form, which will be uploaded on the website soon. Various options will be provided to pay for the registration. Family members and other accompanying delegates are also requested to complete the registration process.
  • Is partial registration allowed?
    Partial registration is not allowed for the jubilee celebrations. The registration fee covers the entire official jubilee celebration, and the organizers earnestly hope the delegates stay for the entire celebration.
  • What about accommodation & transport?
    The organizers are finalizing an accommodation and transport partner to handle all aspects of accommodation, transport and helpdesk. The company will also handle logistics of day trips, local travel, registration, class get-togethers, helpdesk, etc. The range of facilities and services provided by them will be made available on the jubilee website soon. The company will manage an exclusive webpage for the same, linked to the jubilee website.
  • What is the mode of payment for accommodation& transport?
    Bookings and payment for accommodation has to be directly handled by the alumni with the accommodation and transport partner. The service provider will provide further details.